Member News started as a soft, vague idea in the mind of founder and Editor-in-Chief, Pat Enis. As the sad state of today’s journalism became sadder and statelier, Enis realized it was time to set down his freelance pen and start a publication dedicated to every version of the truth, regardless of facts or reality. The idea grew and grew from there.

MNN is committed to bringing you high-quality news at no cost. Unlike other major publications, MNN doesn’t see the news as a commodity, but as a universal right, just like healthcare, food, water, housing, euthanasia, and cut-off jeans.

Pat Enis

Editor-in-Chief Pat Enis is a Pullitzer Prize-winning journalist committed to the truth. His work has been featured in prominent, respected publications including Neutral Ground News, The Daily Dingle, Gentleman Caller, and The New York Times.

Contact: pat@membernews.org

Don Johnson

Don Johnson is head of the Opinion department. A veteran of internet arguments and family disputes, Johnson is so thoroughly committed to his views that his wife and children still won’t speak to him. He hasn’t gotten along with anybody in over 40 years.

Contact: don@membernews.org

Harry Cox

Harry Cox is managing editor and head of daily operations. He likes baseball and other dumb shit. Most people in the office avoid talking to him unless they absolutely have to. He’s the type to be all, “Ugh, I would kill for a cup of java right now.” Nobody calls it java, Harry. Just stop.

Contact: harry@membernews.org

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