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Stressed Out Rand Paul Forgets to Shave ‘Waluigi’ Mustache

WASHINGTON — Kentucky Senator Rand Paul entered the Senate floor this week looking noticeably distraught, appearing to be neglecting his usual grooming habits. The Republican senator was seen sporting a thin mustache with jagged, upward angles reminiscent of the facial hair of Waluigi, Luigi’s arch-rival from the Mario franchise. Paul is currently embroiled in multiple […]

OnlyFans Announces Plans to Settle Down, Apply to Nursing School

LONDON — The video and photo sharing site OnlyFans, best known as a platform for its creators’ adult content, announced it will ban sexually explicit content beginning October 1st. The London-based platform exploded in popularity during the pandemic as creators ranging from sex workers to musicians used it to sell exclusive content to subscribers, eventually […]

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