Mom Really Glossing Over Details of Fight With Dad

HOT SPRINGS, AR — After calling your phone several times in a row and sending texts messages stating, “CALL ME NOW – Mom” and “Please call me back when you can thanks” your mom is behaving as though everything is fine and like that’s a totally normal thing to do.

“Oh, that? Your father and I just got into a little spat, that’s all,” your mom said in response to your specific and pointed questions. “It’s no big deal, really. I don’t even remember what it was about.”

Your questions about why she seemed so frantic and upset were met with contempt and derision.

“Oh, stop beings so dramatic,” your mom said. “He was just up in arms about some credit card charges or whatever and I said that I thought it was funny that he doesn’t have any problems spending money to stock the fridge with all those fancy beers he likes so much.”

After brushing aside your valid concerns and follow-up questions and saying that she needed to get off the line, your mom immediately sent additional text messages.

“Will u relax,” your mom said. “Everything is fine ur father and i just had a disagreement.”

You sent several follow up texts but only received a single reply of “driving” from your mom.

Your dad was unavailable for comment.