Reviews: Dave Chappelle’s ‘Live! at Village Council’ Comedy Special

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio — Comedian Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance Wednesday to a village council meeting in his hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Chappelle was there to oppose a zoning ordinance that would have included dozens of affordable housing units for low-income residents in the region where the comedian worth a reported $50 million lives. After he threatened to pull his business interests from the area, the proposal was voted down.

In addition to opposing housing for the poor, Chappelle was also at the council meeting to tape his latest comedy special, “Live! at Village Council.” The special, which was released exclusively on Spotify, has been met with mixed reviews.

Fans of Chappelle took to their platforms to show their support:

“Take that, cancel culture!” – Ben Shapiro, while curling 5-lb dumbbells, you know, the tiny ones with the Tiffany-blue rubber coating

“He is my friend and I love him so much.” – Patton Oswalt from the beginning of a 5,000 word Instagram post that nobody read 

“I thought it was really brave of him to take a stand against the greedy poor with their incessant demands for ‘food’ and ‘a place to live.’” – Caitlyn Jenner, making air-quotes while driving

“This is much better than his other jokes about racial inequality!” – Tucker Carlson just being himself

Still, some of the praise was more ambiguous:

“I could really use a place to stay, but a home for my kids isn’t worth losing his [Chappelle’s] restaurant and comedy club.” – Shawna S., single mother and resident of Yellow Springs, Ohio

“N*****.” – Joe Rogan, unprompted

Perhaps most importantly of all, the comedy special drew the ire of Twitter, one of Chappelle’s key demographics:

“This is the worst thing that has ever happened or will ever happen to me.” – Jeff Tiedrich, man on Twitter

“How could he do this to Yellowstone??” – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, confused congresswoman

Comedy special aside, one thing is for certain: nobody knows more about what’s happening in Yellow Springs, Ohio than people who have never been to Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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