Local Trump Supporter Calls for Unity between Republicans and Lying, Cheating Democrats

BATON ROUGE, LA — Local Trump supporter, conspiracy enthusiast, and racist uncle Jim Baker took to Facebook this morning to express his desire to see the country unite following Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

The announcement marks a dramatic shift in Baker’s previous political positions, including those regarding liberal tears, which lives matter, and whether or not facts care about his feelings.

“I’m all for a free and fair election. If this is what the country wants, then so be it,” Baker wrote. “I just wish the Democrats didn’t have to cheat to win.”

Like many Trump supporters, including the president, Baker had originally challenged the results of the election, questioning the integrity of mail-in ballots

“So you mean to tell me that more than 95% of the mail-in votes went to Biden?” Baker posted on Wednesday, while votes were still being counted in key states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. “You’d have to be an idiot to think that’s not suspicious.”

Baker apparently had forgotten that President Trump specifically advised his supporters not to vote by mail, despite the fact that he himself did so.

This past Saturday, Baker attended a “Stop the Steal” rally held on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. The event had nearly 200 attendees and featured accomplished speakers such as Timothy J. Gordon, a teacher who was fired from a Catholic high school after calling the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization.

After having multiple posts flagged as containing potential misinformation, Jim Baker, a grown man, posted a tearful update stating that he would be leaving Facebook and joining Parler, a social media site that has become a haven for conservatives dissatisfied with factual truth and reality.

“Please add me I can’t figure this thing out,” Baker wrote.

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