UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal Starts New Position as President Trump’s Driver, Errand Boy

MIAMI — Controversial UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal greeted President Trump outside of Air Force One as the president arrived in Miami for his town hall at the Pérez Art Museum. The mixed martial artist appeared giddy and excited to begin his new position as Trump’s official chauffeur.

“I love George, I love him,” President Trump said of his new driver. “George is a great guy, and a terrific fighter, too.”

Masvidal rose to fame through early internet videos of unsanctioned backyard fights. Mr. Trump referenced the fighter’s checkered past as Masvidal stood quietly waiting to open the car door or fetch the president another Diet Coke.

“You know, before he made it to the UFC, he was out there hurting poor Blacks and Hispanics in their own neighborhoods,” Mr. Trump said before cupping Masvidal’s chin like a good little boy. “Reminds me of myself,” he added as he feigned a jab to the no-time champion fighter’s cheek.

Masvidal shared a meal with Donald Trump Jr. at the president’s favorite local eating establishment this past week, leading to much speculation over how the president of the United States would be seeking to exploit the fighter, who hails from Cuban parents. Over a Big Mac meal, it appears the two sealed the deal on Masvidal’s endorsement of the Trump campaign and his new role as lead driver and head boy to the president.

When asked by a reporter if taking the position was beneficial or necessary for his fighting career, Masvidal responded, “It’s super necessary. If the president needs anything, I’ll be there to get it for him. Whether it’s a ride to the hospital for another treatment or a three-piece meal and a soda if he’s hungry, Gamebred will be there for him.”

After the president took his seat, Masvidal carefully closed the car door behind him, and then jumped and clicked his heels as he ran around to the driver’s seat.

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