OnlyFans Announces Plans to Settle Down, Apply to Nursing School

LONDON — The video and photo sharing site OnlyFans, best known as a platform for its creators’ adult content, announced it will ban sexually explicit content beginning October 1st.

The London-based platform exploded in popularity during the pandemic as creators ranging from sex workers to musicians used it to sell exclusive content to subscribers, eventually growing to more than 130 million users.

The decision has many users scratching their heads, and their scalps. Many sex workers who have come to rely on the on OnlyFans as a source of income feel disappointed and betrayed by the company.

“What’s next?” asked JohnnyBNuttin. “Is the catholic church going to ban sex with kids? That’s pretty much their whole brand.”

“It doesn’t make any sense,” posted JizzinOnaChiliDog. “OnlyFans was a safe space for sex workers to do their jobs and provided badly needed income for many during a pandemic. This decision is wanton, callous, and only further stigmatizes sex work.”