Grappler Gordon Ryan Submitted Via Tummy Ache, Retires from MMA 0-1

PUERTO RICO — Three-time ADCC World champion grappler Gordon Ryan made waves in the fighting world this past March when he announced that he’d signed a contract with the ONE Championship fight promotion. 

Ryan was set to face MMA legend Shiny Aoki in a grappling supermatch in August.

However, Ryan’s professional career came to a grinding halt when he faced his toughest opponent yet: his own stomach. After a grueling and competitive match, Ryan was ultimately submitted by his gastrointestinal tract.

Following the stunning loss, Ryan pulled out of his fight with Aoki and announced his retirement from the sport last week, ending with a career professional record of 0-1.

An outspoken critic of excuses in the past, Ryan took to social media to make some of his own.

“My stomach isn’t cooperating with me any more,” he said in a post on Instagram. “My stomach is at a point now where I can’t train properly.”

Ryan, or as he’s known online, “King Ryan,” has earned an impressive number of victories over his career. In addition to three ADCC World championships, he’s also a two-time IBJJF No-Gi World Champion, and a four-time Eddie Bravo Invitational Champion.

He’s also known for his use of social media to taunt, goad, and humiliate critics and opponents, as well as to express racist sentiments such as when he shared a parody trailer titled “Star Wars: Rogue WUHAN” which depicted Chinese people as hunters of alien meat after destroying all other animal life on the planet. The caption for the post read, “Donald Trump sent me this.” The post has since been deleted.

Ryan hasn’t been shy about his political views. His online profiles feature common far-right talking points, Antifa conspiracy theories, and posts calling President Biden an “actual retard.”

But for all his bravado and promise as a professional fighter with ONE Championship, it seems The King’s empire may be at risk of collapsing. In the end, it wasn’t another fighter that knocked off his crown and forced him to retire. It was his own tum-tum.

Ryan’s coach, John Danaher, agreed to provide a comment, but it was over four hours long, and frankly, there isn’t enough time or space in this story for even an excerpt.