New ‘Trump Cards’ List Former President’s Vaccination Status

PALM BEACH, FL — Donald Trump’s team sent emails to supporters yesterday asking them to purchase and carry cheap plastic cards declaring their support for the former president. 

Interestingly, Trump’s vaccination status was listed on the cards. As all of his supporters well know, Donald Trump was vaccinated in January of 2021, bravely opting to do it in private in order to help convince Americans of the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. 

Critics point out that he could have easily received the vaccine on television and in public to help sway those who may be reluctant to get the shot, but Trump didn’t want to raise any alarms. As he has repeatedly claimed throughout the pandemic, Trump has been an adamant supporter of masks and vaccines.

The decision to include Trump’s vaccination status comes at a time when Republican lawmakers are fighting against so-called “Vaccine Passports.” Some critics have also drawn comparisons between card-carrying Trump supporters and the “card-carrying socialist” attacks often leveled by members of the GOP. 

The cards, which are ironically made in China, are red and gold and roughly resemble credit cards. With Trump having filed for bankruptcy six times, the cards themselves may actually hold more value than his own line of credit.

“They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I’m putting my full trust in you,” Trump wrote in the email.

Trump’s camp goes on to say in additional emails that the cards are, “reserved for President Trump’s STRONGEST supporters,” by which they mean people stupid enough to spend $45 on a piece of plastic worth less than the “President Trump Defeats COVID” commemorative coin, which is a real thing and is still available for purchase on the White House gift shop website.

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